ya -m debug -p v3s -run=v3s


ya -m debug -p v3s -run=v3s
welcome to use ymake 0.7.3 ,make world happy ^_^!!
tinyusb todo support
[1%]:compile  target archcommon
[2%]:compile  target platform
[2%]:compile  target arch
[3%]:compile  target algorithm
[4%]:compile  target kernel
[5%]:compile  target gcc
[6%]:compile  target mod-queue
[6%]:compile  target mod-devfs
[7%]:compile  target mod-bcm
[8%]:compile  target musl
[9%]:compile  target mod-debug
[9%]:compile  target mod-gaga
[10%]:compile  target mod-musl
[11%]:compile  target mod-ipc
[12%]:compile  target mod-pty
[13%]:compile  target mod-log
[13%]:compile  target mod-gpio
[14%]:compile  target mod-rtc
[15%]:compile  target mod-sdhci
[16%]:compile  target mod-mouse
[17%]:compile  target mod-gpu
[17%]:compile  target mod-fat
[18%]:compile  target mod-test
[19%]:compile  target mod-posix
[20%]:compile  target mod-loader
[20%]:compile  target mod-spi
[21%]:compile  target mod-i2c
[22%]:compile  target mod-serial
[23%]:compile  target zlib
[24%]:compile  target kernelcommon
[24%]:compile  target modules
[25%]:compile  target png
[26%]:compile  target jpeg
arm-none-eabi-ld build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/duck/init/main.o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/duck/init/module.o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/duck/init/init.o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/duck/init/monitor.o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/duck/init/test.o -o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.elf -Lbuild/v3s/armv7-a/debug -T/Users/evil/dev/c/YiYiYa/duck/xlinker/link-v3s.ld -lmod-serial -lmod-i2c -lmod-spi -lmod-loader -lmod-posix -lmod-test -lmod-fat -lmod-gpu -lmod-mouse -lmod-sdhci -lmod-rtc -lmod-gpio -lmod-log -lmod-pty -lmod-ipc -lmod-musl -lmod-gaga -lmod-debug -lmod-bcm -lmod-devfs -lmod-queue -lkernel -lalgorithm -larch -lplatform -larchcommon -lkernelcommon
arm-none-eabi-ld: 警告: 无法找到项目符号 _kstart; 缺省为 42000000
[26.100%]:compile  target build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.elf
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -S build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.elf build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel
arm-none-eabi-objcopy --only-keep-debug build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.elf build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.dbg
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary -S build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.elf build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel.bin
[27%]:compile  target kernel.elf
[28%]:compile  target gui
kernel gen target boot-config
file-> build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel
kernel gen start build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel
file size  173124 kernel size  175104 block size  171
generated header file success. /Users/evil/dev/c/YiYiYa/boot/arm/config.h
[28%]:compile  target boot-config
[29%]:compile  target sdl2
[30%]:compile  target lz4
[31%]:compile  target uuid
[31%]:compile  target ncurses
[32%]:compile  target lvgl
[33%]:compile  target freetype
arm-none-eabi-ld build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/boot/arm/boot-armv7-a.o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/objs/boot/arm/init.o -o build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/boot-init.elf -Lbuild/v3s/armv7-a/debug -T/Users/evil/dev/c/YiYiYa/boot/arm/link-v3s.ld -lkernelcommon -lmod-serial -lmod-i2c -lmod-spi -lmod-loader -lmod-posix -lmod-test -lmod-fat -lmod-gpu -lmod-mouse -lmod-sdhci -lmod-rtc -lmod-gpio -lmod-log -lmod-pty -lmod-ipc -lmod-musl -lmod-gaga -lmod-debug -lmod-bcm -lmod-devfs -lmod-queue -lkernel -lalgorithm -larch -lplatform -larchcommon
arm-none-eabi-ld: warning: build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/boot-init.elf has a LOAD segment with RWX permissions
[33.100%]:compile  target build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/boot-init.elf
arm-none-eabi-objcopy -O binary build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/boot-init.elf build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/boot-init.bin
[34%]:compile  target boot-init.elf
[35%]:compile  target gaga
[35%]:compile  target sdl
[36%]:compile  target sdl2-image
[37%]:compile  target quickjs
[38%]:compile  target chez
[39%]:compile  target lua
[39%]:compile  target lvqrcode
[40%]:compile  target image
[41%]:compile  target sdl2-ttf
[42%]:compile  target lvgl-8.0.0
[43%]:compile  target etk
[43%]:compile  target cmocka
[44%]:compile  target webp
mkimage -f build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/kernel-v3s.its build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/duck.fit
FIT description: Simple image with single duck kernel
Created:         Mon Dec 25 01:36:34 2023
 Image 0 (setup)
  Description:  YiYiYa init
  Created:      Mon Dec 25 01:36:34 2023
  Type:         Kernel Image
  Compression:  uncompressed
  Data Size:    5224 Bytes = 5.10 kB = 0.00 MB
  Architecture: ARM
  OS:           Linux
  Load Address: 0x00000000
  Entry Point:  0x00000000
  Hash algo:    sha1
  Hash value:   4d5ae7867d67f7ab561e7cc7061788e9f187b181
 Image 1 (kernel)
  Description:  YiYiYa kernel
  Created:      Mon Dec 25 01:36:34 2023
  Type:         RAMDisk Image
  Compression:  uncompressed
  Data Size:    173124 Bytes = 169.07 kB = 0.17 MB
  Architecture: ARM
  OS:           Linux
  Load Address: 0x40000000
  Entry Point:  0x40000000
  Hash algo:    crc32
  Hash value:   1811acee
  Hash algo:    sha1
  Hash value:   5ee9ee2bb71e1a7b593a63accd781516b77f0dfe
 Default Configuration: 'config-1'
 Configuration 0 (config-1)
  Description:  YiYiYa init
  Kernel:       setup
  Init Ramdisk: kernel
 Configuration 1 (config-2)
  Description:  YiYiYa kernel
  Kernel:       kernel
[45%]:compile  target duck.fit
[46%]:compile  target disk.img
[46%]:compile  target duck.img
[47%]:compile  target mod-pic
[48%]:compile  target systemd
[49%]:compile  target vfsd
[50%]:compile  target serviceb
[50%]:compile  target servicea
[51%]:compile  target tinyusb
[52%]:compile  target testbitmap
[53%]:compile  target testoverlay2
[54%]:compile  target testoverlay
[54%]:compile  target testwm
[55%]:compile  target watch
[56%]:compile  target gnuboy
[57%]:compile  target qjs
[57%]:compile  target qjsc
[58%]:compile  target scheme
[59%]:compile  target lua.elf
[60%]:compile  target mgba
[61%]:compile  target launcher
[61%]:compile  target infones
[62%]:compile  target sdl2.elf
[63%]:compile  target showfont
[64%]:compile  target showimage
[65%]:compile  target track
[65%]:compile  target lvgl.elf
[66%]:compile  target etk.elf
[67%]:compile  target microui
[68%]:compile  target pngtest
[69%]:compile  target test-thread
[69%]:compile  target test-sys
[70%]:compile  target test-sound
[71%]:compile  target test-free
[72%]:compile  target test-fork
[72%]:compile  target test-stdio
[73%]:compile  target test-string
[74%]:compile  target test-uncompress
[75%]:compile  target test-mem
[76%]:compile  target test-file
[76%]:compile  target test-musl
[77%]:compile  target test
[78%]:compile  target hello
[79%]:compile  target gui.elf
[80%]:compile  target touch
[80%]:compile  target shell
[81%]:compile  target ls
[82%]:compile  target kill
[83%]:compile  target hexdump
[83%]:compile  target echo
[84%]:compile  target date
[85%]:compile  target cat
[86%]:compile  target sdl-image
[87%]:compile  target sdl-ttf
[87%]:compile  target v3s
[88%]:compile  target raspi2
[89%]:compile  target qemu
[90%]:compile  target debug
[91%]:compile  target uImage.img
[91%]:compile  target mod-keyboard
[92%]:compile  target mod-vga
[93%]:compile  target mod-sb16
[94%]:compile  target mod-hello
[94%]:compile  target mod-dma
[95%]:compile  target mod-fat32
[96%]:compile  target mod-lcd
[97%]:compile  target mod-ewok
[98%]:compile  target mod-net
[98%]:compile  target mod-ahci
[99%]:compile  target mod-pci
[100%]:compile  target mod-fatfs
build success! cost 0:00:01.302443
run v3s fel build/v3s/armv7-a/debug/duck.fit
AWUSBFEX soc=00001681(V3s) 00000001 ver=0001 44 08 scratchpad=00007e00 00000000 00000000